Exterior Work

Exterior work for an Addition

Foundation Work

Pouring a solid and up-to-code footing is the key to any renovation or addition work.

Framing Up Addition

The frame up of a kitchen addition. But we can frame up anything, second floors, full additions, whole houses or commercial additions.

Second Floor Addition

We can even add a second floor to most homes.

Installing Windows

Yes, we do windows, whether it’s a part of a renovation or just time to upgrade your windows, Thornton’s Carpentry can make it happen. Doors too!

Rot Repair And Termite Damage

A lot of our work is repairing and replacing aging and rotting wood that hasĀ deterioratedĀ over the years. Water, age, bugs and exposure to the elements all make wood rot.


Retaining walls, pathways, patios, porches – Thornton’s Carpentry can handle making the exterior of your home beautiful, durable and accessible with a wide range of paving and retaining products.